Commercial Projects Experience Quiet Growth

by Dustin Block
Special to The Daily Reporter

Kurtis Welton is in Africa this month climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with his daughter.

When he gets back to Madison, he’ll be climbing a mountain of a different sort. Welton is planning a new business park called Silicon Prairie in Verona about a mile west of Madison’s Beltline Highway on Mineral Point Road. The business park is designed to be “off the grid,” said Welton, who owns the Madison-based Welton Enterprises Inc. The park will run on renewable energy with a goal of selling electricity back to the utilities.

“It’ll be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified, but it goes way beyond that,” Welton said. “It’ll have a little of everything. Wind, solar and another thing that will be the first of its kind in the country. I don’t want to spill the beans.” Read more…

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