About Welton Enterprises, Inc.

Founding Principles

We don’t build for ego
We are lovers not fighters
We guard our reputations with our lives
We focus on long term value ­ not short term profits
We don’t build to sell ­ we build to lease and own

Vision Statement

We develop profitable communities for and with our business partners and operate in a prudent and responsible manner.

Mission Statement

We develop and manage a portfolio of real estate assets that provide rewards for our families and business partners and make positive contributions to our communities and environment.

Core Values Statement

We are a world-class team of loyal and respected professionals developing and managing real estate assets that provide rewards for our families while contributing positively to the communities and environments of which they are a part.

We respect each other by going the extra mile, providing service above self, and striving for excellence through continued education and dedication to our mission.

Our loyal business partners enjoy our unequaled service, excellent building locations, and the market responsive amenities we provide.

Strategic Directions Summary

Welton Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned business based in Dane County Wisconsin.

We manage our portfolio of real estate assets with an eye to long term ownership. Our emphasis is on industrial and warehouse properties, and our plans for the future include continued profitable growth and positive contributions to the larger community.

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