2014 Our Lady of Hope Clinic Benefit

WC Clark 3July 7, 2014 – local businessman and philanthropist Kurt Welton, of Welton Enterprises, sponsored a benefit at the Badger Bowl to raise money for Our Lady of Hope Clinic. Blues Great W.C. Clark was joined on stage by local musicians Tony Menzer, Bill Robers, Key Saydak and more!

Our Lady of Hope Clinic provides 24/7 direct access to a personal physician, unlimited clinic visits, same day scheduling and extended appointment times for an annual or monthly contribution that supports its mission of providing free primary care to uninsured members of the community. The mission of Our Lady Of Hope Clinic is to serve the community in Madison by establishing a self-sustaining non-profit organization for the delivery of free outpatient healOLHCthcare to uninsured persons ineligible for county, state or federal welfare programs, consistent with Catholic health care tradition. Each year, about one in nine Wisconsinites goes without health insurance for all or part of the year. Without access to basic health care, manageable conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol often go untreated until they turn into serious problems that result in preventable emergency room visits or hospitalizations. The support of benefactors makes it possible for the clinic to give the majority of the visits away for free to those who lack access to primary care. For more information please contact Julie Jensen at (608) 819-8544 or


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