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Parent Business Owners Cope with Economy

by Nate Maas From The Envoy, Edgewood High School Student Newspaper Local businesses have already begun to feel the effects of the global recession. With the American economy on the decline and unemployment on the rise, local businesses have tried to cope with the recession as best as they can. Thomas Zimbrick, who owns Zimbrick in Madison, says that the biggest force on his industry is the […]

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October 2008 InBusiness

I Want to be a Developer When I Grow Up

By Heather Skyler, InBusiness These top 12 developers all gathered together for the first time in history to participate in IB’s photo shoot for the October cover. Here are their individual stories. RANDY ALEXANDER The Alexander Company Birthplace: Portage, Wisconsin Education: MATC Parents’ Professions: His father was an electrical engineer, and his mother was “busy watching after eight […]

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Silicon Prairie

Commercial Projects Experience Quiet Growth

by Dustin Block Special to The Daily Reporter Kurtis Welton is in Africa this month climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with his daughter. When he gets back to Madison, he’ll be climbing a mountain of a different sort. Welton is planning a new business park called Silicon Prairie in Verona about a mile west of Madison’s Beltline Highway […]

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Board Provides Guiding Hand to Family Business

By Pamela Cotant, For the Wisconsin State Journal Establishing a board is considered to be one of the best practices to help a family business survive to the third generation or beyond. An independent board, which includes a limited number of family members, is recommended, said Ann Kinkade, director/faculty associate of the UW-Madison Family Business Center. Yet many business owners don’t create one – often concerned about being told how to […]

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